Anker Innovations to unveil new mobile devices at CES 2018

It’s not just smartphones and tablets that are front and center during the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Given the name itself, it’s time for other devices to shine and catch the consumers’ attention. This year, Anker Innovations is showcasing various products, including a Power Delivery devices, a smart projector and speaker in one, an Alexa-enabled car kit, and wireless earphones. The products are varied and all will be on display and can be tried out at the CES this week in Las Vegas.


The Nebula Capsule is shaped like a soda can but it so much more than that. It is the first DLP projector and portable speaker in one. It is powered by Android 7.1 so it already has the capability of a smart TV since you can download apps and stream content from Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, etc. It also has an advanced 360-degree cone design and it comes with a 5W speaker that creates a 360 degree omnidirectional sound. It can give you 4 hours of movies and 30 hours of music before you have to recharge it. It is now available on Amazon for $349.

The ROAV VIVA is a plug and play Bluetooth car kit and the first of its kind that can bring the Alexa voice digital assistant to your vehicle. You will have have access to the tens of thousands of skills that Amazon’s AI assistant can offer you, as well as bring calls and messages from your smartphone to your car system, music streaming through Bluetooth connectivity, navigating through the streets using your voice, and even charging mobile devices even while you’re driving. It will be available for pre-order in the US and will cost you $49.99.

The ZOLO Liberty+ says it’s the world’s first zero-compromise total wireless earphones. It covers its drivers with graphene so as to help create immersive sound quality. It also lasts for 3.5 hours of continuous playback, with the charging case giving you 48 hours of power on just one charge. It uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, which makes for a strong, “nearly unbreakable” connection to your smartphone. It will be available on Amazon in late January and will cost you $149.99.