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Anker Innovations is a global leader in smart charging technologies and a developer of consumer products for the home, car and more.
Founded in 2011 by Steven Yang, Anker quickly established itself as an innovator and market leader in intelligent charging solutions. Today, Anker Innovations is bringing this same spirit of innovation to a number of exciting spaces including automotive, audio, entertainment and the emerging smart home. This is being led by its 5 key brands.: ANKER, EUFY, NEBULA, ROAV, SOUNDCORE.
With over 30 million customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, Anker Innovations and its key brands are driving unprecedented growth. In 2015, the company realized revenue of over 1.3 billion CNY with net profits of 156 million CNY. In 2016, the company’s net profits rose over 100%, with total revenue reaching 2.5 billion CNY -- up over 92% compared to same period as the previous year.


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  • Anchor Innovation's annual revenue reached 12.574 billion yuan, global revenue exceeded 10 billion.
  • Anker Innovation was selected as one of the "Hurun China Top 100 Private Enterprises in Large Consumption" and ranked 37th on the list.
  • Anchor Innovation won the Gold and Silver Awards in the 2021 ROI Awards.
  • Anker Innovation's first launch event in China was successfully held, with a number of innovative products unveiled.
  • Anker becoming the "World's #1 Digital Charging Brand" (based on 2020 sales).
  • Anker ranked 13th in the Brand Z™ Top 50 Global Brands in China in 2021.
  • Seven IF Design Awards and four Red Dot Design Awards and five Japanese Good Design Awards for Anker Innovations.
  • Anker Innovation has over 100 million users worldwide.
  • Anker Innovations listed on the GEM board, with market capitalization topping 80 billion yuan.
  • Anker ranked No. 11 in the 2020 Brand Z™ Top 50 Global Brands in China and No. 5 in the consumer electronics industry.
  • Anker Innovation ranked 184th in the Hurun China Top 500 Private Enterprises list.
  • Anker Innovation ranked 206th in the list of China's Top 500 New Economy Enterprises.
  • A subsidiary, Seawing E-Commerce, successfully signed ABKO (The No. 1 brand of gaming equipment in Korea).
  • Anker Innovation received 2 IF design awards and 6 Red Dot design awards and 7 Japanese Good Design Awards.
  • Anker Innovation has more than 80 million users worldwide.
  • Anker ranks No. 7 in 2018 Brand Z™ Chinese Global Brand Builders.
  • Anker Innovations New product release in 2018.
  • Anker Innovations Wins Amazon Global Open Store Seller of the Year Award.
  • Anker Award 2017 JP Amazon Marketplace &JP Amazon Ranking Prize 2018-H1.
  • Anker Innovations won 5 IF Design Awards and 4 Red Dot Awards.
  • Anker Innovations won 9 Golden Point Design Award.
  • Anker launches the EUFY Genie, its first smart home speaker at IFA, Europe's largest consumer product exhibition.
  • ZOLO Liberty+ earn $2.8 million on Kickstarter, breaking the international crowdfunding record for a Chinese company and ranking among the top 50 campaigns in Kickstarter’s history.
  • NEBULA Capsule earns over $1.2 million on Indiegogo, become its most-funded projector campaign ever.
  • Anker became one of Google's first select partners worldwide.
  • Anker joined NIKE and Benefit Cosmetics as the world's leading Internet retailers according to the nation's leading e-commerce research institute and wins "Annual Global E-Business Award” as a retailer.
  • Anker Technology Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Anker Innovations Ltd.
  • Anker expanded its offline market into Best Buy, one of the world's largest consumer electronic retailers.
  • Anker began selling products through Walmart, one of the world’s largest department store chains.
  • Anker became Japan's Leading USB charging brand.
  • Anker launched sales in the Chinese market, and established retail through Tianmao, Jingdong, and the Anker official flagship store.
  • Anker launched offline sales channels in the Middle East, Australia, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Anker partnered with IKEA in France, one of the world's largest homeware businesses.
  • Anker partnered with telecom operators KDDI and Softbank C & S in Japan to enter its national offline store.
  • Anker began cooperation with didi travel, supplying car chargers in some Tier 1 cities..
  • Anker partnered with Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), the world's largest hotel group, for its InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn brands.
  • Anker became North America's Leading USB charging brand.
  • Anker began selling products through Staples, one of the largest office supply retail chains in the US, to expand its offline market.
  • The first PowerIQ ™ technology to lead the industry toward a new milestone in technology upgrades.
  • Anker products began selling in Japan, Spain and Canada on Amazon
  • Anker Technology was established and began selling mobile accessories on Amazon in the United States.
  • Anker expanded sales to the UK, Germany, France, Italy and other European markets through Amazon.


2012, Anker was named "2012 Top Holiday Seller" by Amazon US.
2013, Anker received the "2014 Amazon's Market Place Award" from Amazon Japan.
2014, Anker’s Smart Cloud Camera won the "2014 Red Dot Design Award" in Germany.
2015, Anker’s PowerCore Edge portable charger won the "2015 Red Dot Design Award" in Germany.
2015, Anker’s PowerShare electrical box was named a "2015 Red Dot Design Honorable Mention” in Germany.
2015, Anker received Amazon's “2015 Outstanding Chinese Manufacturer Award.”
2016, Anker PowerCore Edge, an ultra-thin portable charger, wins the Red Dot Design Award in Germany. (Red Dot)
2016, Anker PowerHouse received Japan's Best Design Award. (Figure)
2017,Anker ranked 8th on BrandZ™ "China’s Top 30 Outbound Brands" list.
2017,Anker SoundBuds Curve sports headphones wins the IF Design Award in Germany.
2017,Eufy BodySense smart scale wins the IF Design Award in Germany.
2017,Anker PowerCore Ⅱ 10000 portable charger wins the IF Design Award in Germany.
2017,Anker PowerCore Ⅱ 10000 portable charger wins the Red Dot Design Award Red Dot Award in Germany. (Red Dot)